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What is Digital Marketing & Its Importance?

Do you wanna know What is Digital Marketing? and how it is important for almost every domain then read this complete article to know a deep insight into Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term used to cover all marketing activities that use the digital space as a channel to interact with the customers. As a term, it was first coined in the year 1998.

The very new concept of marketing via the internet had been around for a long and companies were enjoying great success at that time, but it was not a term that was being used as widely.

Digital marketing is the key to any business, irrespective of its size, nature, or location. It is the future of marketing and, to this end, all businesses must learn to utilize digital marketing, for existence in today’s competitive market as it is now, especially after Covid Pandemic which increased the competition in the market with technological advancement, if your business is not present online, it does not exist.

Since digital marketing has now become the future of marketing, it is important to understand the dynamics of digital marketing. This blog will assist you in learning about digital marketing, its importance, and how to use digital marketing to your own benefit.

What is Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, Digital Marketing deals with technology i.e Digital for marketing. Digital Marketing is a form of marketing or online marketing which helps companies and businesses reach out to people and communicate with them.

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting your product or services through various digital platforms like email, social networking sites, search engines, video sharing sites, blogs, etc. Digital Marketing is an internet-based marketing technique. Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that is and will now be used in the future.

Digital Marketing is not just limited to the promotion of products and services, it can be used to spread awareness on social or other issues.

Why Digital marketing :

● Digital marketing is a group of marketing activities that use digital technologies to promote a business and to interact with their customers.

● Digital marketing is not only a great way to get more business from new customers, but it is also a great way to reach out with new innovations to your existing customers.

● When you spend time in marketing to existing customers your conversion rates will be higher because you have a better idea of what your customers want and you can promote products according to their preference digitally to them.

● Digital Marketing helps to create good quality leads by reaching out to potential customers easily through developed tools and techniques.

● With the help of Digital marketing you can Increase Employability By 80%

● You can start Making Money With Youtube & Instagram

● You can Increase Your Social Media followers

● You can Grow Your Business Up To 5x

● You can even Start Your Online Business with the knowledge of Digital marketing

● You Can also Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

● You can Start Your freelancer journey

● You can also start making money through Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing

Average Expected Salary of Digital Marketer :

● Digital Marketing Trainee – 2 LPA

● Digital Marketing Executive – 4 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Analyst – 6 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Specialist – 8 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Strategist – 10 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Manager – 12 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Consultant – 14 LPA +

● Digital Marketing Director – 16 LPA +

digital marketing opportunity

digital marketing scope

Types of Digital Marketing :

1. Content Marketing 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 4. Pay Per Click (PPC) 5. Affiliate Marketing 6. Email Marketing 7. Online PR 8. Inbound Marketing 9. Sponsored Content 10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 11. Display Advertising 12. Mobile Marketing 13. Influencer Marketing 14. Video Marketing

Career Options in Digital marketing :

1. Digital Marketing Manager 2. Search Engine Optimizer 3. Social Media Marketer 4. Content Marketer 5. Email Marketer 6. Search Engine Marketer 7. Automation Expert 8. Ecommerce Specialist 9. Digital Campaign Planner 10. Affiliate Marketer 11. Online Entrepreneur 12. Online Reputation Manager 13. Marketplace Manager 14. Digital Influencer 15. Blogger 16. Digital Account Manager 17. Web Analytics Manager

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● Since the pandemic, many industries have struggled, such as the travel industry. In this study, I’ve analyzed 73,713 numbers of jobs to understand the industries contributing to the growth of digital marketing in India.

● It is found that the IT/computer sector is contributing 46.01% of the entire digital marketing job openings.

● Here’s the breakdown of industries and their contribution to job openings

● In 2020, 23.39% of total digital marketing jobs were contributed by the IT/computer industry. But in 2021, the IT/Computer industry contributes 46.01% of total digital marketing job profiles.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

1. Learn Through Free Courses :

You can learn Digital Marketing through free sources as well like YouTube videos and other free Learning Platforms or courses. Free courses does not include any fee but the disadvantage of learning through free video courses is you won’t be able to clear or resolve your queries if you stuck somewhere while practicing, having a mentor to rectify the error and clear your doubts is somewhere important to have a perfect knowledge of things as Digital Marketing is all about driving results and having hands on experience and proof to be called as a Result driven Marketer which is in demand.

2. Learn Through Paid Training Programs :

Paid Training Programmes includes Live interaction with Industry experienced leaders who are having good hand holding experience of the Industry to deliver proper knowledge to the trainees so that they could have someone to clear their doubts and rectify their mistakes so that one should become a result driven Digital Marketer. There are many institutes available for Digital Marketing paid training programmes where you can learn practically how to drive good results.

Conclusion :

Digital Marketing is all about driving good results for the benefit and growth of the company. A good digital marketer is the one who knows how to drive results because if you are not capable enough to drive results with only certification you cannot justify yourself as a good Result driven Digital marketer.

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